Dropbox and tcDocs are Now Connected!

The highly anticipated tcDocs integration with Dropbox is now here!

You asked, and we delivered. You can now connect your Dropbox account to tcDocs; all you need to do is authorize Dropbox connection within tcDocs and you are ready to go. […]

Is missing a deadline keeping you up at night?

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and realized that you did not send an addendum to the client for signature?  It was meant to be signed and delivered before you finished for the day but with everything else going on it fell through the cracks!!!

So how do you avoid this nightmare scenario?  tcDocs to the rescue!!! […]

Happy tcDocs Customer

The cornerstone of our real estate transaction management software is happy customers. Below is a testimonial that we received from Travis Morris of Keller Williams who has been using  tcDocs in his business. If you would like to give tcDocs a go then please contact us for your free 14-day trial.

Smarter Checklists – Capturing Your Real Estate Transaction Process!

Looking for something smarter than just a manual checklist on a spreadsheet or fillable PDF to track your transactions? Well tcDocs is just what you’ve been searching for!

One of the many inspirations for us creating tcDocs was the need for a better transaction checklist. We needed a checklist which captured the entire transaction process by automatically generating a schedule of events required to close a transaction. Capturing the transaction process is the heart of tcDocs!

To this end a task within tcDocs has the following capabilities: […]

Automatic Due Date Calculation for Real Estate Contracts

One of the most important duties of the Real Estate Assistant and Transaction Coordinator is ensuring all contract contingencies are monitored so that the Real Estate Broker does not miss a date or deadline. Well, tcDocs automatically calculates contract/contingency due dates for you!

The application saves time and helps the Real Estate Assistant and Transaction Coordinator to be more efficient so they can handle more transactions and clients.


Introducing tcDocs: Real Estate Transaction Coordination, Simplified!

Have you ever wanted your own personal Web Application?

Well that is exactly what tcDocs is based on. tcDocs provides Real Estate Transaction Coordinators and Assistants their own application, designed and co-developed by a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Transaction Coordination. […]