How to Connect Emails to a Task in tcDocs

Published by tcdocs on

tcDocs allows you to connect your email templates to a specific task within your checklists.  This time saving feature is one of the many benefits of tcDocs transaction management software.

tcDocs allows you to create and customize an email template for specific tasks. One example may be a task in your checklist set up to send an introduction email to your Agent’s client. Instead of looking for the email template in the templates area you can attach the email to that specific task. This will save you time and the email template is always available.

If you need to make any changes to the template this can be done by updating the copy attached to the task. This will also update the email template wherever it is being used. If you need to customize the email for a specific client or purpose, this can be done easily once the email has been imported into the transaction and will not affect the original template.

Linking tasks to emails is just another way tcDocs helps increase your productivity and accuracy when handling your transactions.

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