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Thursday, May 18, 2023

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Yes, click on View All Codes in the Actions menu of any email or email template page.

The Flag is an additional filter option. For example, you may “flag” certain tasks to delegate to your assistant, allowing you to quickly view all the tasks assigned to your assistant.

No, all Milestones are shown on the Summary. If you do not wish to display a task on the Summary, be sure to not mark it as a Milestone.

Due Diligence is a contract milestone in many States, but not all. If your State’s bylaws do not include Due Diligence, you can go to My Profile > Attributes to Exclude and remove it from your account, then create a task to represent the Mortgage Commitment and other important contract deadlines.

Yes, we are planning on hosting more webinars in the future… please stay tuned as we’ll let everyone know as they are scheduled.

Go to the Summary page and select Print in the Actions side menu to generate a PDF which you may send to your clients via an attachment.

Similar to Milestones, you can designate a task as a Key task to display it on the Summary. However, unlike Milestones which appear near the top, Keys are shown on the bottom of the Summary.

Go to My Profile and select “Yes” for the option “Enable Transaction/Listing Filtering by Agent?”. For more information go to the Help area in the application’s upper right corner, open the Video Tutorials section and click on the video “Phase and Agent Filters”.

There is an itinerary for listings and another for transactions. An itinerary for both listings and transactions is not provided.

No, a code for this date is not system provided, however you may create this code and any other codes associated with due dates by creating a task representing each date. For more information click on the Help area in the upper right corner of the application, open the Video Tutorials section, then click on the video “Task Email Codes”.

Status Emails may only be sent to your agent and any other associate working on the transaction, however for buyers and sellers it’s recommended to use your own email template(s).

This icon is called the Task Links icon and allows you to define URL links pointing to documentation capturing more information regarding the task. To enable this functionality go to My Profile and select “Yes” for Enable Task Links?

Reminders can be sent by scheduling email(s) associated with each corresponding task, or by using the Google Calendar integration.

In a task, open the Features section and select Buyer and/or Seller for the Applies To setting.

For more information on Status Emails, go to the Help area in the application, open the Video Tutorials section, and click on the video “Queuing and Sending Status Emails”.

In a task within a checklist template, click on the number within the Sort# column, edit the number to the new position (3 in this example) and select the checkmark to save.

In your agent’s Associates page, ensure their Client Status is set to “Current”, then scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the custom signatures in the TC Email Footer/Signature (for transactions) and/or LC Email Footer/Signature (for listings). Providing signatures in these fields will override your default signature as specified in My Profile.

Appointments in tcDocs are used to assign times to tasks. Any task without an appointment is considered an all-day task. Appointments are particularly useful when integrating with Google Calendar as you can set up automatic reminders. For more information on integrating with Google Calendar, go to the Help area, open the Video Tutorials section and click on the video “Google Calendar Integration”.

The number in the # column is a non-modifiable system-generated number which is used to establish linkages to other tasks (via parent/child relationships).

As you may know, there are muliple title roles: “Title Officer”, “Title Representative”, “Title Closer” and “Title Processor”. Title Officer is used for selecting Title, Buyer’s Title, Seller’s Title, Second Title and Third Title participants, whereas the other title roles are available for the equivalently named participants. After checking your title roles, if you are still having issues, please contact our customer support located in the Help area.