Google Drive and tcDocs are Now Connected!

Published by tcdocs on

tcDocs is now integrated with Google Drive!

You asked, and again we have delivered. You can now connect your Google Drive account to tcDocs. All you need to do is authorize Google Drive connection within tcDocs and you are ready to go.

Google Drive features in tcDocs include:

  • Drag & drop files to Google Drive within tcDocs
  • Automatically syncs with your Google Drive account
  • Set a favorite Google Drive folder for each transaction for quick document retrieval and saving
  • Upload Google Drive files to email templates
  • Copy and/or move files or folders from one Google Drive folder to another within tcDocs

Don’t forget to check back again soon as we are going to be connecting more Apps to tcDocs. Our goal is to make you more productive and save you time so that you can build your Transaction Coordination business.

If you would like to try tcDocs for 14 days (no credit card required) then please contact us for more information.