Automatic Due Date Calculation for Real Estate Contracts

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One of the most important duties of the Real Estate Assistant and Transaction Coordinator is ensuring all contract contingencies are monitored so that the Real Estate Broker does not miss a date or deadline. Well, tcDocs automatically calculates contract/contingency due dates for you!

The application saves time and helps the Real Estate Assistant and Transaction Coordinator to be more efficient so they can handle more transactions and clients.


The core of the application is the ability to accurately calculate due dates for contingencies and monitor tasks based on timelines for their completion.

When a checklist is uploaded into a transaction within tcDocs, the application calculates due dates for all transaction tasks based on the mutual acceptance and closing dates of the transaction. Within the individual tasks, you can change their standard duration to the number of days agreed within the contract. The application will then adjust due dates accordingly, taking into account weekends and legal holidays if any.


This time saving feature allows the Real Estate Assistant and Transaction Coordinator to set up the transaction accurately and efficiently.

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